Tips for a High Value Appraisal

  1. Spruce up the home. There are many simple things that you can do in an hour or two that can enhance the appraiser's perception of the condition of the home. Clean up the visible areas, vacuum, sweep, mop, put away dirty dishes, declutter the home, open windows to let fresh air in, put some flowers in a vase, cleanup bathroom counters and mirrors and put out your nice towels. Rats, cockroaches, unsavory odors, heavily soiled carpets, doors or windows that don't function and overgrown landscaping all can affect the appraiser's determination of the overall condition of the home.
  2. Improve the curb appeal. Mow the lawn, hack the weeds and trim the hedges.
  3. House upgrades. Prepare a list of recent updates, upgrades and improvements such as a new roof, windows or insulation and highlight them to the appraiser.
  4. Neighborhood upgrades. If there have been positive changes to the neighborhood mention them. If the area has just been declared a historic or landmark district or if the neighborhood boundaries have changed such that the area is now, for example, considered Sherman Oaks rather than Van Nuys, let the appraiser know.
  5. Have comps on hand. Ask your real estate agent to prepare a list of comps and provide them to the appraiser.