What Is My Home Worth?

With the wealth of information available online today, sellers have a number of resources that can instantly provide them with an estimated market value of their home. However, these sites are often times wrong and sometimes, significantly off the mark by as much as 20% to 50%. Zillow actually publishes information about how imprecise its estimates can be. For example, Zillow reports that for the 3-month period ending September 30, 2013, about 17.8% of homes in Los Angeles County were sold at prices that had a margin of error greater than 20% from Zillow's estimate of value.

Zillow and other instant valuation sites that provide estimates based on automated valuation models can be useful but are not an adequate substitute for the market analysis that an experienced, competent and knowledgeable realtor can provide.

If you want feedback on what we think your home is worth today, please complete the form below and we will prepare a no cost, no obligation comparative market analysis and give you the range of value that we think your home is worth. If you want a more precise valuation, we would be happy to arrange an interior inspection of the home.

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