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West Hills Map

This map of West Hills is a valuable tool to determine whether a home is located within West Hills or neighboring Canoga Park. The 91304 zip code was solely associated with Canoga Park until 1987 when the West Hills community was created from the western portion of Canoga Park. The United States Postal Service, however, identifies the 91304 zip code as Canoga Park and as a result, many West Hills homes still show up in many databases as being located in Canoga Park.

About West Hills

West Hills is a neighborhood in the City of Los Angeles located in the western part of the San Fernando Valley. West Hills came into existence in 1987 when the Los Angeles City Council approved homeowners' petition to form a new community and rename the western portion of Canoga Park West Hills. This change was precipitated by a period of heavy residential development in the northwest portion of Canoga Park starting in the early 1980s. Homeowners felt that these newly developed homes in distinctly suburban areas were distinguishable from the eastern portion of Canoga Park which mostly consists of older and smaller homes in mixed neighborhoods interwoven between heavily commercial areas. Hence, in 1987 West Hills was created with the recognized boundaries depicted in the West Hills map. The northwestern portion of West Hills is the most affluent area of this neighborhood.

West Hills Housing Market Trends

Competition for West Hills homes is fierce. The West Hills housing market has rebounded hard and fast in 2013. West Hills homes for sale often receive multiple offers within days of coming on the market and are often times selling at a higher price than the listed price. The average sale price to list price of West Hills homes was 99.98% in the third quarter of 2013.

West Hills Homes Average Price Per Square Foot
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Median Sale Price of West Hills Homes
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West Hills Homes

West Hills homes are a mix of old and new. Most homes in the flat lands of West Hills are older homes that were constructed starting in the 1950s. These West Hills homes tend to be single story homes typically not more than 2,500 square feet in size and with good size flat lots. The West Hills homes located in the hills west of Valley Circle Boulevard tend to be more upscale, larger and newer construction.

Some notable residential developments in the early to mid-1980s were built by M.J. Brock & Sons, one of the largest Southern California homebuilder at the time. One such residential development known as Country Hills is located west of Valley Circle Boulevard and north of Ingomar Street and consists of 269 homes ranging in size from 1,840-3,016 square feet. At the height of the market in late 2006 and early 2007, the sale prices for these Brock homes ranged from $775,000 for the smallest models to $1,025,000 for the larger models. Today, a buyer can buy a Brock Home in the Country Hills community for 20-30% less than at the height of the market depending on the size and condition of the home as well as other factors such as view, pool, location and upgrades.

One of the more luxury residential development in West Hills built in the late 1990s and nestled in the hills east of Valley Circle Boulevard is Monte Vista Estates. These homes are some of the largest constructed in West Hills ranging in size from 3,082 to 4,450 square feet. At the top of the market in mid-2007, the largest model sold for $1,395,000. In early 2012, a buyer could purchase a similar model for $1,025,000 reflecting a 26% decline in market value.

West Hills Schools

There are many excellent public elementary schools in West Hills. West Hills is part of the Los Angeles Unified School District but a small portion falls under the jurisdiction of the Las Virgenes Unified School District. If you want to know what schools are assigned to a particular address use the Los Angeles Unified School District's School Finder.